Friday, July 2, 2010

1 am

I have photos to share, but no cord with which to do so. They will wait.

This post will not, for I will lose it amongst the many moments to come in the next few days.

It is after 1 am. I haven't stayed up this late since contractions or college. A day full of remembering, dreaming, sharing. Stories spilled over sunshine and chlorine. We reconnected, reembraced over fried bacon & turkey clubs, bathed babies in a giant tub, shared a meal between four generations as we all agreed, "They sure grow fast."

Great Grandma Kirk told that my father in law was her "cry baby" of the nine. He smirked, we laughed. Great Grandma Howard discovered the house Josh & Kim are buying was her girlhood home. Aron polished details with Seth & Alaina for their BIG DAY poolside. Chloe arrives, Belle squeals. Jackie & I start the mound of dishes that tell the story of a beautiful day. Blessed, to be sure.

Its 1 am. I sit under the stars. I forget their elegance, I forget how they seduce. They sing symphonies that words cannot express - a music best interpretted in the soul. Aron & I are alone now; the fire dances to his strumming. And out of the black of night he carves the most beautiful song. I sit amazed at the way he captures the moment in a melody. I tell him not to forget this one. "I'd better go write it down," he replies.

Its 1 am. I smell of smoke and bugspray, and I love it. My braid is loose, my skin kissed by the sun. The dark circles creeping under my eyes testify to a full day & I am nearing depletion. One last thing left in this day.

"Glance up at the window, non-chalantly," He tells me. Little girls hit the floor. Oh they will be bears tomorrow!

Its 1 am, and we go to meet with God under the stars, to pour out our hearts and hear His voice as the world is silent. As in the garden. Unashamed, we go to him.


beckyjomama said...

Beautiful - I think YOU just wrote a song yourself. Love it

j said...

this was such a beautiful post...i think you should pair your words and reflections with aron's newly carved-out melody.

tiny twig said...

friend, this is beautiful. xo.