Thursday, July 15, 2010

more on inspiration

I have been a little inspired myself as of late.

I've been reading a little blog - the nester, whose author happens to currently be a renter and fellow 'dave ramsien' as we are. The mantra of her blog is that "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful", and she explains that in 13 years of marriage she has lived in 13 homes. And far too many of those years were spent wishing her circumstances were different rather than making the most of the place she was in.

I have felt that same frustration when it comes to our little nest. I am limited by so much: I can't put holes in the walls, I can't hang curtains, can't do anything about the color of the wood or the light fixtures, and oh...the fireplace (yikes!). So I resolved to ignore the very 'sore thumbs' until the future when we were ready to buy a place of our own. While great for the budget, this has left me creatively depressed, longing, and very frustrated.

As of late, this blog has inspired me to at least begin to try to add touches to our humble abode that creates a space that brings delight, rest, & inspiration to our family. So I believe every once in a while I will update you on little projects I am undertaking for a creative outlet & to add beauty to our nest.

Isabelle's room is my favorite place to be in the house. Perhaps its because its the room that feels the most 'normal' to me. Infact, due to a pre-existing curtain hanging (and thus creating holes in the wall) I was able to hang a rod of my own & some delightful little panels that add so much charm to her space.

But my most favorite thing about her corner of our nest is the handmade & sentimental!

*Handmade amish bed circa late 1800's.
(craigslist score!)

'Summer Sorbet'
Handmade fabric banner
from vintage pillowcases.

This little plant holds a special sentiment.
It tells of many a lazy summer day spent at Uncle Ray's swimming & fishing in the pond after a hike in the woods.
We actually dug this little guy up out the woods there last summer.

And below it, the crystal we picked out for Isabelle from our Mammouth Cave trip.

Grandma Kirk's
handmade dolls.

I guess it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful.

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beckyjomama said...

I think you have done AMAZING things with your space - it is bright, fresh and airy and lovely. And IzzyB's room is perfection. LOVE it!