Saturday, July 10, 2010

michi beach love, 2010 style

Guess who's here?

Josh & Kim decided to vacay it up here in Michi this year: great lakes, great times.

Wyatt, though four months younger, has been watching Judah's cat-like agility, and has picked up more than a few tricks in just 24 hours.Yes, the boys have been literally climbing atop each other. And kissing each other. I didn't have a camera ready for the kisses - bummer!Today is Saturday. Pancake Saturday. After our traditional breakfast of champions, the beach was calling our names.
Wyatt tried to eat the sand. Over & over again. Can you say colon cleanse?
Judah LOVED the sand toys.And we ALL loved the water - which was surprisingly very warm.Before long, construction on a massive sand castle began.
With a little help from the master craftsmen.Judah wanted to 'help' so badly.Unfortunately, his helping usually ended like this:

Judah cheering Wyatt on:

The skies crystal, the air warm, the sunshine inviting, the company unbeatable.
Michi-beach love, indeed.

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j said...

Fun times! Wow...Judah and Wyatt really resemble each other in those photos! Love Isabelle's beach shot too. Looks like she came right out of the 60's with her suit and glasses and cute little hair style. And I like your suit too girl (very retro-classy-pin-up girl). That last photo...let's just say you two are too darn adorable!