Wednesday, July 7, 2010

show & tell

We spent at least a few moments every day just like this:
And one of my favorite parts - the soaring trees that protected us from those nosey neighbors (a field full of cows)!
If you look closely (above) you can see little Bitsy Belle Rose swimming all by herself in the deep end - she was so very proud of herself. "I can't believe I can swim all by myself," I overheard her say to herself.

The last time we visited, Belle asked Aron if she could get a "Mother Whale" to take to Grandma Jackie's pool. We looked & looked but couldn't find what she had in mind. But alas, 'Sayna, the Mother Whale', joined our family.
Judah splish-splashed the days away.
Aron became the master "Club Sandwhich" chef - our lunchtime special everyday. I picked a fresh cucumber from my parents' garden & was in heaven for the week. I could have eaten them every meal. But my sis, Belle, Chloe, & I seriously ate the entire cuc in one sitting.
We were able to visit with most of our friends and family as they were able to drop in. We even got the three newest babies together: Judah, Wyatt, & Isaiah from left to right.
It was so cute to watch them together.
Though Judah didn't stay in one place long enough to capture many pictures of them all.

Judah & Isaiah had their first bath together. They will love us for this picture one day!Chloe & Belle were able to have 2 sleepovers & enjoy lots of playtime together.
This is a totally random picture from a few weeks ago at a fabulous summer party! With all the sunshine & water, it seemed like as good a place as any to stick it in.

And last but not least, we were able to get in on Ben's infamous
120 ft. "hillbilly slip-n-slide".
Here are a few shots (I couldn't put everyone's mug up as only a few of the picts turned out..we lucked out Seth, Brian, Beth, & Danielle!)

*(for those of you who may be wondering about my weird spelling in the nicknames...'Tyde' & 'Zane' are the boys' middle names. clever, i know...hehe)
And the most enthusiastic slip-n-slider of them all:

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j said...

Now that looks like an all around blast! Would love to try the hillbilly slip n slide...giggling over here at the captions to all of the action photos....Adore the two photos of the boys (bathtub and the one following). How fun!