Sunday, July 18, 2010

lovely, lovely day.

A sweet deal on Craigslist beckoned us 30 miles north to Port Huron.
We decided we'd make a day of it & explore Lake Huron.
What started out as an adventure turned into a simply wonderful day.
Aron shot a video south of port huron near the detroit river last week.
He went on & on about how crystal blue the water was.
I was absolutely shocked to view Lake Huron's aqua beauty for myself!

Aron & Judah striking a pose. What up?

This weekend was the 'Blue Water Festival'. How appropriate, how fun!
Behind us is the bridge to Canada, eh.

I'm splitting this post into two so your bum doesn't go numb looking at all the photos.
more to come,


j said...

Great photos! I would have let my bum go numb had you added more! Nice to see you exploring and enjoying some of michigan's local beauty! Looking forward to part 2.

Kurt and Kristine said...

that's where I grew up! Welcome to my stomping ground.

Kelly said...

Good you found a great beach. MI is a great place to live, in the summer! Now I am wondering what the great Craig's list find was though. Post that pic!!