Monday, July 12, 2010

these moments

We were so privileged to celebrate Josh's 26th birthday with him & his lovely wife today.
And to enjoy his favorite - brownies with icing & ice cream - with them last night. Along with a chick flick. I doubt that was his favorite, but he was a good sport.
A little wrestling match. Notice Aron & Josh jumping up as soon as I grabed the camera. The last time I captured a photo of them wrestling (in college), it totally looked like they were kissing.
hey, look...I found that photo buried deep in the archives!
While Aron had Josh down, Kim took full advantage and gave Josh the old birthday tickle/wedgie combo.
All in love, all in love.
While Aron was at a meeting this evening & Josh and Kim went out for a birthday date, the kids and I made memories of our own.

I wanted to capture every moment, to bottle up the sights and smells, the spaghetti on the face, the way the sunshine poured in the windows lighting up these precious wonders.

blessed from Aron Kirk on Vimeo.

One last moment to share - a quick conversation I overheard between Belle and Kim.

They sat at her table with pink play dough snowmen with extra long yellow noses. Kim's snowman was the child, Belle's the mother.

Kim: "Mommy, I'm hungry! Can I have some candy to eat?"

Belle: "Candy?! No hunny, you can't have candy."

Kim: "Why nooooot? I want candy to eat!"

Belle: "Hun, if all you eat is candy, you will be as fluffy as a pillow."

I had to chuckle out loud. I don't know where she gets these things!

loving these moments,


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beckyjomama said...

LOVE the sun pouring in on the video - beautiful. And Jcub was just tryin to love on his friend like his daddy loves on HIS friend!

And, how funny is that sweet IzzyB? LOVE that girl!