Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lake Huron - Part 2

Lake Huron - who would've thought?
Without a doubt the prettiest 'lake beach' I've been to (as of yet).
The water was such a gorgeous aqua color; it reminded me of our honeymoon in the Mayan Riveria.

Is that the Caribbean? Why no, thats Lake Huron!
(i still find it hard to believe)

The kids loved playing in the waves.

The current was so strong, though. Belle was a little too brave for her daddy's comfort zone.

We waded out to waist-deep water and could still see our feet and the rocky bottom of the lake floor. I've never seen such clean, crisp lake water. How? Someone tell me where the seaweed & mucky water are?

Baby girl is a water bug!

The kids loved having Aron's undivided attention.
He lights up their universe.

Belle & Judah loved burying Aron in the sand.

The water was much colder than the smaller lakes we're used to.

Judah LOVED trying to figure out how to use all the sand toys. Such an explorer!

And check out these goldy locks.
Baby girls, beware!
His heart belongs to his mama!

What a perfect day our little family had.
It is amazing the way God is drawing our hearts together, knitting us into the fabric of each other, growing in us an identity. We belong to Him, and to each other.
It is beautiful the love that abounds and the peace that reigns where the Kingdom of God governs.
May Your Kingdom come in our lives,

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beckyjomama said...

Hmmm ... we may have to check that out! Looks beautiful! J-cub is gonna be a HEARTBREAKER!