Thursday, July 22, 2010


I love to eavesdrop on my kids' play. It brings comic relief to the monotony of housework.
Just now I see Belle sit down at her computer to send an 'e-mail'.
She talks aloud as she pretend types,

"Dear Grandmother,
Please come into my life right now. Because you are so loved.

Too funny!

And another thing...whenever we play house these days, I am wondering why Aron gets to be her little boy, who she calls "Sonny", but I am the Grandma?! Oh, and Judah is the little sister. Crazy this play-world of hers.


beckyjomama said...

I just laughed out loud - Sonny and grandma! HAHAAHHAHAHAHAHA

j said...

It's so sweet though isn't it? Brookie was just "charging her phone" with my cell phone cord today (of course her "phone" is a plastic play phone full of play makeup).

When we were kids we had no idea what email and cell phones and computers were! Times are a changin, aren't they Grandma!