Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Sometimes life is like a desert and inspiration is hard to come by, and other times life's an oasis and it floods the soul. It seems I've been at flood stage lately, so for all of you in a draught, here's what's been inspiring me lately:

"Drops Like Stars" by Rob Bell

As stated by the back cover, this book is about "A few thoughts on creativity and suffering". Everyone should read this. Period. It is as visually engaging as it is idealogically. It is creative and rivetting (creatively rivetting, in fact) and only takes a little over an hour to read in one sitting.

"Blessed" by Brett Dennen (acoustic singer/songwriter with a groove that'll make you dance)
"One Day" by Matisyahu (idealistic hopefulness from an orthodox Jewish reggae rapper)
"Our God Is Love", "Love Like Fire", and "Beautiful Exchange" by Hillsong (from their new album "A Beautiful Exchange")

The last message preached by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the night before he was assasinated. In one word: prophetic.

"Unstoppable Courage" by Craig Groeschel (check it out here)

"Twighlight In The Wilderness" by Frederic Church circa 1859.

Graphic Design:
by Laura Huston. Check out the logo she did for our summer sermon series through Exodus:

The Bible:
James 5:14-18. My friend's grandpa recently lived these verses, called the elders to pray and was supernaturally healed of cancer. That's praying like Elijah, whom, as James writes, was a man just like us! It's awesome how Jesus has no favorites, and his love, peace, and POWER are for "whomever believes". PTL!!!

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