Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I can pretty much sum up our 4th this way:
homemade ice cream
Judah begging his daddy to share.

For those of you who may be newer around here,
we climb Rankin Hill in Ripley, Ohio, once a year to celebrate the 4th.
Its extra magical for Aron & I since we have held this tradition since dating in high school.
This hill had so captivated us we decided to celebrate our marriage
by holding our wedding reception atop her gentle perch.
Each year members of the family make homemade ice cream and bring plenty to share.

Here you see Brian Woollard with a freezer full of Malted Chocolate Caramel ice cream.
We also enjoyed Cookies & Cream Frozen Custard made by Aron's momma, Jackie
as well as Raspberry made by Josh's momma, Aunt Pam.

A beautiful way to celebrate the freedom we enjoy as Americans and the sacrifices that have given us this blessing.

But also to remember that this freedom is only a shadow of our ultimate reality.
We are sons and daughters of a Great King,
citizens of another country,
our freedom purchased at the highest cost -
the life of his very son.


beckyjomama said...

So glad you had fun - even if it WAS hot. Family makes all things more bearable. Jcub is getting so big! And don't even get me started on IzzyB ... LOVE them. Love ALL the K's!

kara e said...

love, love, love the pics! i put a link to your blog on mine, hope that's ok. so good to see you and miss you all already. i forgot to tell you bye on rankin hill. i was used to you being around all week and forgot you were leaving the next morning. so, goodbye we love you. please give those beauties kisses for me.

j said...

The Hill looks like a perfect place to watch the fireworks...gorgeous view! How touching that the whole family builds memories there each year...even more endearing that you and Aron share so many special moments there as well.

P.S. Love your last photo of the fireworks with the scripture...great family photo on the blog facelift...yellow is my favorite color :)...i was a tad bit envious of all of the homemade icecream you were blessed to consume! i'm certain it beats erma's or dairy queen by a landslide! :)