Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our amazing weekend...continued

We LOVE to carve pumpkins...Aron & I have done it together since we were 15.
Josh & Aron, with the supervision of Isabelle, cleaned the pumpkins while Kim & I made cheesy-potato soup.
Belle was quite disturbed at the sight of this and said, "No, daddy! Don't eat it!"Choosing our designs...
Aron & Josh both chose a Turkey. Belle was thrilled to see Sleeping Beauty's Aurora on mommy's pumpkin. I was going to carve the 3 fairies as well...but that was a little ambitious for one evening! Kim carved a happy jack-0-lantern.


beckyjomama said...

YOU have been spending some time on Picnik.com! Looks good:)

LOVE Aurora pumpkin, and I love Belle's face in that pic too!

j said...

awe man- i wrote a comment and it didn't go through! to put it short: looks like a great weekend, love the fancy pumpkins (you need to come over to our house tomorrow when we carve our simpletons) :) and love the photo of erica and belle walking through the orchard!