Sunday, October 26, 2008

we love our josh & kim

We have had such a blessed weekend...just awesome!Aron's cousin Josh, and his new bride, Kim, spent the whole weekend in MI with us. Growing up, these two boys were two peas-in-a-pod. Not much has changed...except the two exceptional women in their lives...(if I do say so myself!)
Josh & Kim's story is nothing short of a beautiful "God-thing", and we couldn't imagine a more perfect woman for Josh!
Kim is as compassionate and authentic as she is beautiful. Her passion for Jesus and her pursuit of people are such an inspiration to all of us! We just love her (can you tell?)!So we went to an apple orchard cold, but so much fun.

They may look all grown up,but I'm pretty sure the boy is still inside those manly shells!
Belle found an itty, bitty apple just for her.
And she loved sampling as we went along.

We ended Friday with a trip downtown to watch the Detroit Redwings hockey game (thanks, Mark, for the tickets!)

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Kelly said...

Looks like you really enjoyed the visit. Great pictures. I see you love picnik as much as I do.